Couples Therapy

Why does it feel like sometimes our partner just doesn’t care or want to listen?

Relationships are challenging. Modern day relationships demand expectations that our partner be the whole, perfect package. In today’s world, we demand everything from this one relationship – stability, friendship, intimacy – and we find ourselves desperate for both security and freedom, unsatisfied in partnership.

Why is it that when they travel for work and we are alone we actually feel better? 

When financial concerns, arguments and poor communication, children, affairs, and strains of family life are in the picture, the bad in our relationship overshadows the good. Underneath these issues, there is a deep desire for connection, commitment, and respect. That’s the very place you started as a couple and that’s where we continue our journey in therapy together.

Why are we having trouble communicating?

Tension within us and in our relationship is normal and needed for growth. Relationships are living and breathing, always developing and shifting with the tides of life. 

It’s time to become more adaptable and effective in the ways you respond to the challenges within your relationship. 



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