Parenting Skills Training

As a parent, what do I do with my child’s intense emotions? 

Parenting today’s children is more complex than it used to be. Both parents and kids alike experience extreme pressure to excel in education, career, and life, and the truth is that we’re not hard wired with the skills to manage the rollercoaster of emotions that contemporary expectations can create.

Why do they act out? 

The pressures placed on our child for high academic performance with little to no “down time”, along with technology’s impact on human connection, and an epidemic of anxious adults often leave kids and parents in a place of unregulated emotion.

Why does it feel like I’m the only one struggling?

Your child might act out or behave poorly as a result of feeling stuck and disconnected, overscheduled and not good enough, while you as a parent struggle to understand your child’s misbehavior. How do you handle your child’s outburst or cry for help?

This is where effective parenting strategies come in. The ability to acknowledge where your child is at and meet them with compassionate guidance can set both you and your child up for a healthy relationship and life.

You are already doing an amazing job. And, I invite you to try things a little differently.

 As 21st century stressors and influences impact our kids leading up to their teenage years, we’re witnessing an epidemic of anxiety, depression, and overwhelming suicide rates. Effective parenting techniques shift that trajectory by teaching our children how to respond to life’s challenges with respect, responsibility and resiliency.



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