Family Therapy

The mobile is a metaphor for my work with families where each and every part is influenced and impacted by the others.

Parents usually bring their children in for therapy and discover that the most effective, strategic place to work is within the family as a whole. The objectives of family therapy include: 

  • Teaching everybody a common language for regulating emotions
  • Promoting open and honest communication
  • Providing a practical approach based in skill development to deal with the challenges of family life 
  • Supporting the family members, individually and as a whole, to learn the power of vulnerability
  • Empowering family members to have a voice, to be heard and understood is the key agent of change 
  • Through mindfulness practice parents can convert unintentional blaming, shaming, and judging into intentional connection and respect 

My clients know me for opening their eyes to a whole new way of understanding their children and providing practical and effective strategies for dealing with their children.  I challenge parents in a loving non-judgmental way to meet their child where they are, not where they think they should be. I transform unintentional parenting into intentional parenting based on awareness and knowledge. 

Invest in your family