Individual Therapy

Why does everyone’s life look better than mine?

We all have deeply held belief patterns and behaviors that create our sense of self and our very experiences of reality. Our memories and painful pasts can leave us feeling stuck, and in fear of not being able to get the things we want most in life.

Why can’t I just make a decision?

Invalidating environments within family, work and society can further aggravate the pain, trauma, and anxieties we already feel, making ordinary life seem impossible. The floods of media messages have profound impact on our sense of self. While we hear things like “just be yourself,” we’re also flooded with societal messages telling us that we’re not good enough. Stress from work, relationships, and life’s never-ending surprises can make us feel like we just can’t handle it all.

Why do I feel out of control?

Individual therapy provides a space for effective exploration, where we work together to find strategies through evidence based practiced. Since there is no cookie-cutter person, I believe there shouldn’t be a cookie-cutter therapy. Individual sessions are shaped to address the surface and underlying causes for the challenges you face.

There is another way to live. Become more effective in your life as a person, a partner, a parent, in the workplace, and in the world.



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