Parenting Skills Training

You are already doing an amazing job. And, I invite you to try things a little differently. 

As 21st century stressors and influences impact our kids leading up to their teenage years, we’re witnessing an epidemic of anxiety, depression, and overwhelming suicide rates. Effective parenting techniques shift that trajectory by teaching our children how to respond to life’s challenges with respect, responsibility and resiliency.

My approach is to start early and reach as many parents as possible

  • One on one parenting coaching or consultations
  • Small groups of parents
  • Parenting Classes in various community/school settings
  • Workshops, lectures
  • Videos
  • Podcast (coming soon)

The more experience I have the more passionate I become about the critical importance of raising children in an evermore challenging landscape of times. Mental illness in adults begins in childhood. My life’s work is committed to doing something about that. I have developed my own approach to parenting that weaves together the brilliant work of my predecessors and contemporaries in the field.

Navigate your child’s future